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Thomas Health's New Cancer Scanner

Thomas Health, along with partner Alliance Imaging, is bringing a brand new, state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner for our cancer patients. While PET/CT scans have been offered at our Thomas Imaging Center location in South Charleston for many years, the previous scanner had become old and out of date. "Comparing the new scanner to the old one is like comparing the picture on a modern HDTV to an old TV set with rabbit ears," says Dr. Daniel Rodgers, a radiologist with Thomas Health. "The new scanner lets us see so much more detail in the human body, and will help us find smaller tumors and better gauge whether the cancer is responding to chemotherapy or requires a change in the treatment plan."

In addition to the major improvements in image resolution and quality, the new GE Discovery IQ scanner provides several additional benefits. These include faster scan times so patients don't have to wait as long, allowing the scan itself to be completed in as little as 15 minutes. The new scanner is also able to accommodate larger patients up to 500 lbs, ensuring that all patients in our community can have access to the best in cancer diagnosis.

Advanced cancer scans on the new PET/CT machine are available every Friday at Thomas Imaging Center, and can be scheduled with a doctor's order by calling 304.767.7730.

We are holding an Open House on Friday, October 13, to introduce the new scanner to our physicians, nurses, patients, families and others in the community. Please stop by Thomas Imaging Center between 11:30-1:00pm to tour the new PET/CT scanner and learn more about this exciting addition to Thomas Health.

Daniel A. Rodgers, M.D.
Kanawha Valley Radiologists, Inc.